pISSN: 1738-0170

청소년시설환경, Vol.18. no.4. (2020)

이주배경 아동·청소년 인구 지형 변화와 교육지원을 위한 주요 이슈 고찰


(공주교육대학교 교육대학원 교수)

The purpose of this study is to explore population changes of children and youth with migration backgrounds and related major issues of educational support. For this, focus group interviews were used as a research method. Research participants were 22 experts working in the educational and related service fields. Interview data were transcribed and analyzed through repeated comparative method. The results were categorized under the two main themes such as population changes of migrant children and youth and faced difficulties experienced by the participants in the related fields. In terms of population changes, there were increase of children not included in ‘ideal’ multicultural family category; children of refugees from North Korea and other countries, and returnee families; cases out of typical multicultural families; and cases of stably settled families. In terms of difficulties, there were still public school entrance barriers reported. Those included difficulties of preparing academic backgrounds proof and related documents, irrelevant resident status, school principal’s authority deciding migrant children’s school entrance and insufficient initial educational support. In addition, educational fields experienced difficulties related with unfamiliar administrative work and individual teachers’ burn-out dealing with migrant background kids. Based on these results, several issues were discussed for the youth with migrant backgrounds and multicultural polices.
  이주배경 아동·청소년; 인구 지형 변화; 교육지원;Children and Youth with Migration Backgrounds; Population Changes; Educational Support

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