pISSN: 1738-0170

청소년시설환경, Vol.18. no.4. (2020)

공공청소년시설에 있어서의 특성화시설 활용 실태에 관한 고찰


(동양대학교 건축계획전공 교수)

A youth training facility is a facility unique to youth activities in which youth activities are systematically and systematically developed, and has a functional value as a useful space for adolescents to accumulate experiences through experiences. The purpose of this study is to analyze the current status of specialized facilities installed in public youth training facilities and programs used in specialized facilities to enable installation and operation of advanced specialized facilities in the future, focusing on public youth training facilities in City B. As a result of the study, youth training facilities require specialized facilities for young people, and young people training facilities that meet the needs of young people are operated in accordance with their identity as youth training facilities. In addition, specialized facilities should be constructed with a different concept for each facility in accordance with the changing needs of youth, and expanded to various areas by recruiting experts suitable for each specialized facility and equipping the experts as youth leaders. It was confirmed that achieving a more smooth and suitable operating model can be. Specialized facilities to be installed in youth training facilities should be spaces that show symbolicity as a place for specialized program activities, and involvement of youth facility experts for sustainable eco-friendly architectural spaces as well as realizing an organic space suitable for the operation of specialized activities programs.
  청소년수련시설; 특성화시설; 청소년지도자; 특성화프로그램;Youth Facilities; Specific Space; Youth Leader; Specific Activity Program

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