pISSN: 1738-0170

청소년시설환경, Vol.19. no.1. (2021)

지질공원 안내센터의 면적구성비에 관한 연구


(동양대학교 건축계획전공 교수)

Recently, as the Hantan River Geopark has been certified as a UNESCO Global Geopark, interest in Geopark is increasing domestically and internationally. In Korea, a total of 13 national geoparks have been designated across the country, but there are no dedicated information centers for this purpose except for the Hantan River Geopark Center. These geopark information centers are not only just for preservation of geological heritage, but also as a base facility that can revitalize the local economy through tourism resources called geoparks, and amid the current trend of pursuing regional-specific youth facilities. It has the meaning as a very meaningful youth experience-learning facility using the geological resources of Korea. At the time when additional construction of geopark information centers having various meanings and architectural studies for this are urgently required, in this study, through investigation and analysis of cases of similar facilities, it is essential in the early stages of designing geopark information centers. It has been tried to derive the appropriate value of the necessary space program. The results of this study are judged to be able to be used as meaningful data to some extent despite the limitations derived in the circumstances where existing cases and related data are absolutely insufficient, and it is expected to be further supplemented through follow-up studies based on sufficient cases in the future.
  지질공원; 안내센터; 면적구성비; 청소년시설;Geopark; Information Center; Area Composition Ratio; Youth Facility

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