pISSN: 1738-0170

청소년시설환경, Vol.19. no.1. (2021)

통합학교 건축계획 프로세스 - 초·중등학교 통합운영 특성을 중심으로 -


(한국교원대학교 교육정책전문대학원 교수)

This study aims to flexibly respond to changes in the educational environment, focusing on the type of effective curriculum and facility operation for core educational competencies, and enables communication and cooperation of users for various classes and grades. The purpose is to establish an integrated school construction plan suitable for future competency education. This study is meaningful in exploring efficient management plans of elementary and middle integrated schools that reflect the specificity of large-scale apartment development in urban development districts. Therefore, this study should consider the following items through planning an integrated school. First, it is necessary to plan so that spatial separation and integration are appropriately achieved by zoning the joint utilization area, centering on the unity of facilities and independent areas through the separation of facilities by school level. Second, it is planned to operate the curriculum of integrated activities and exchange students through mutual exchange spaces and common spaces for each school level. Third, community revitalization spaces such as gymnasium, cafeteria, and library that are integrated with facilities to lead to a fully integrated school are located in the center of the teacher building, so exchange with local communities and accessibility of members such as students and teachers need to be considered. Fourth, it should be planned in consideration of the architectural characteristics of the integrated school curriculum operation and facility types discussed above in consideration of urban context.
  통합학교; 학교운영; 교육과정; 시설운영유형;Integrated Operational School; School Management; Curriculum; Facility Operation Type

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